Pave Aways support the local community, environment and economy in which we build, work and live.

Pave Aways takes its commitment to the community and environment that we work in seriously. All of our directly employed workforce live within Shropshire and the surrounding Counties, so we know how important our impact is on these communities.


Our workforce are our greatest asset. Ensuring their health, safety and well-being is crucial for the success of our company. Ways we achieve this:

  • Frequent health and safety recaps via toolbox talks
  • Suggestion boxes on each of our sites, which are collated once a month. Ideas are discussed by the management team, and implemented as appropriate
  • Yearly BUPA health checks. These our offered to all employees
  • Yearly company ‘away day’
  • Apprentice, Colleague and Employee of the Year, which is presented at our Annual Christmas Party
  • We welcome any suggestions of training that an employee wishes to undertake.


On first appearances, by its very nature, construction projects are going to be harmful to the environment. We acknowledge this, but no do accept that this is the case. We therefore undertake the following measures to minimise the impact that we have on the environment in the following way:

REMOVE – Should any particular element of a project be particularly damaging to the environment, we will look to remove its use within a project. Suitable and ethical alternatives will be sought.

REDUCE – With all materials on a project, the key aim is to not over order. We have excellent relationships with our supply chain, which means that we can order the exact quantity that we require, but should there be any unexpected wastage and we require some more, we can get this delivered to site quickly. This process provides comfort to our Site Managers to enable them to order correctly initially, rather than over ordering a creating a lot of waste.

REUSE – Should there be extra materials or waste generated, whether through over ordering or through demolition or refurbishment works, we will deal with it in a number of ways:

  • Bring back to our Yard at Head Office, to enable it to be used on site in the future
  • Offer it to employees, the client or the local community for use – this is particularly effective for us for small quantities of unused materials, where it would not be economical to bring back to our yard, or where there is demolition waste – such as timber, or crushed stone – which can be used in a variety of ways by others

RECYCLE – this is only used, when one of the three options above are not possible. On site, we have segregated waste streams. This ensures that waste is separated into easily recyclable sections. This streams are generally rubble and masonry, timber, plasterboard, metal and a non-recyclable materials. The non-recyclable materials are sent to waste transfer station, where at least 95% of materials are recycled.

Other measures include:

  • Using materials from approved and sustainable sources – such as steel and timber
  • Collating carbon emissions monthly per site, based on nr of deliveries and distance travelled


Our labour is predominantly from Shropshire and the surrounding counties, and this continues down our supply chain. When choosing members from our supply chain for each contract – whether suppliers or sub contractors, we aim to choose members that are as close to the project as parameters allow. This ensures that funds are continually invested in the area, and from the original expenditure from the client, a certain percentage can stay within the local area.

Should we undertake a project in an area where none of our directly employed labour resides, we will advertise for local labour to undertake labour / tradesmen roles. We will advertise in local media and also host a ‘Meet the Buyer’ event, which is where a senior representative from Pave Aways is present, who can advise local people, suppliers or sub contractors how they can get on to our supply chain.

We welcome sponsorship opportunities and each project has monies allocated for use within the local community. Previously we have sponsored local football teams, of all different standards and ages, and welcome applications from within the community that we work


Last year we raised over £20,000 for charity. Our chosen charity last year was cureleaukemia. In April 2016, our Quality Manager, Neil Holding was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia. Our Directors then made a commitment to raise as much money as possible by holding fundraising events. In 2016, these were:

  • 5 a side football tournament at the New Meadow, including 3 teams from Pave Aways and 9 teams from our Sub Contractors
  • Charity walk, from Head Office to the Welsh Coast, which covered over 80 miles in 3 days
  • Raffle at our Christmas Party, where prizes were donated by colleagues

Unfortunately, just before Christmas, Neil lost his battle with the disease. We are committed to carrying our various fund raising events this year, and aim to beat the amount £20,000 that we raised last year.