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Location – Acton Burnell Hall, Concord College, Shrewsbury
– £1m to £3m
Duration – 44 weeks
Completion – August 2016
Architect – Hughes and Abbott
Engineer – R.T. Mills Associates
Form of Contract – JCT Standard Building Contract without Quantities 2011
Client – Concord College

The 65 bed accommodation block was constructed in traditional cavity wall masonry construction which carried the 2 floors of pre cast planks. A steel frame was used on the front elevation to create the spans required for the large areas of curtain walling. All areas were heating using underfloor heating within a sand a sand cement screeded floor. Each individual bedroom contained a wash hand basin with communal toilets and showers provided on each wing of each floor.

The rear of the building had two attached staff houses both two storey. These again were formed with by traditional masonry construction with the first floor being formed with timber joists. A link door was provided to give access to the ground floor of the accommodation block from each house.

Solar panels and air source heat pumps were used to provide heat to the building along with conventional gas boilers.

With 8 weeks left of the construction process we were asked by the client to provide 2 additional bedrooms within the accommodation block. This resulted in the luggage room being converted to form the additional rooms with the handover date not being effected.