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Location – Shrewsbury School
– £250,000 to £1m
Duration – 29 weeks
Completion – April 2016
Architect – Baart, Harries, Newell
Engineer – Carroll & Williams
Form of Contract – JCT Design & Build Contract 2011
Client – Shrewsbury

This project was undertaken during term time in a busy Public School campus in the heart of Shrewsbury. There were restrictions on vehicle movements in order to reduce the risk to the School’s students. The works involved stripping back a 1960s Concrete framed building to its shell in order to renovate it into a 21st century design centre.

The removal of internal structural walls meant that new structural steel frames had to be installed. This meant that there needed to be extensive propping undertaken throughout the building as temporary works in order to maintain the structure whilst the walls were demolished and the steel was installed.

The building combines state of the art ICT classrooms along with an engineering workshop. This meant that the workshop had to be thoroughly soundproofed in order to prevent the sound egress into the adjoining Classrooms. Each ICT classroom also came fully fitted out with desks, chairs and a bespoke teaching wall in this turnkey project.

Updating the buildings fabric also helped to increase the external envelope’s U- value. This was achieved by installing the following features. New single ply membrane roof along with cut to falls insulation. Insulated render the front elevations. New low energy double glazing and aluminium windows.