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Location – Shrewsbury School
– £3m to £5m
Duration – 52 weeks
Completion – July 2015
Architect – Adrian James Architects
Engineer – Bradley Associates
Form of Contract – JCT Design and Build 2011
Client – Shrewsbury School

This Design and Build Project includes many unique features that will not be found in an education building throughout the country. The design includes a large open atrium with large south facing windows which allow natural light to come flooding into the presentation space. There is a large amount of open space through the building which opens up to a curved ceiling at roof level.

Hodgson Hall’s building management system operates a passive vent system in order to moderate temperature and oxygen levels with the building. The steps within the atrium act as a plenum for air running in to the building whilst the windows are on actuators which open when the building is getting too warm. There are also four roof turrets which open to increase airflow through the building.

Each classroom contains a bespoke teaching wall which incorporates storage, movable whiteboards and a short throw projector. There are faculty staff rooms on each floor which are fitted out with desks, kitchenettes & shelving. All the furniture was provided so the project was undertaken as a turnkey contract.