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Public Authority

Location – Whitchurch Town Centre
– £250,000 to £1m
Duration – 23 weeks
Completion – April 2014
Architect – Greenscape Architects
Engineer – Bob Johnson Structural Engineers
Form of Contract – JCT Intermediate Building Contract 2011
Client – Shropshire Council

This Project was within the confines of the Whitchurch Town Centre High Street, which meant all deliveries had to navigate narrow streets on the one way system through the town. Whilst the project was live there was also a need to maintain the services that the building provided to the local community. Such as the weekly market, the town library & leisure clubs. The space on site itself was also very small so did not allow for a lot of storage of materials.

There was a requirement for substantial diamond drilling and demolition work to the façade of the building which meant that an engineered scaffold solution had to be adopted for a safe means of access for the removal of the cantilevered bay windows. The age of the existing building also meant there was an extensive asbestos eemoval scheme that had to take place prior to the works commencing.

As the demolition continued more asbestos was identified by the Pave-Aways site team. This was then tested and confirmed to be asbestos which was then removed or encapsulated by licenced contractors, all as per Shropshire Council’s safe systems of working.

Inside of the building, the layout changed from a rectangular entrance hall to a sweeping curved reception area with new meeting spaces, fitted out bathrooms & a commercial kitchen. A new internal entrance was also created for the town library.

The new façade included a locally sourced masonry skin with a traditionally built oak frame, Balustade & Balcony on top. The oak was cut on site and each section was jointed using a mortice and Tennon joint. This traditional method of construction helps to tie the new façade into the traditions of the Tudor market town.