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Location – Baschurch
– £250,000 to £1m
Duration – 22 weeks
Completion – November 2015
Architect – Shropshire Council
Engineer – Shropshire Council
Form of Contract – Residential
Client – Shropshire Council

This local authority project was built within the confines of a well-developed housing estate within the village of Baschurch. The repatriation bungalow was a traditional contract that was the third phase in Shropshire Council’s Repatriation scheme.

The Bungalow is of Masonry cavity wall construction with a ground bearing floor slab and a trussed roof. The building is fully DDA compliant with flush thresholds and fully accessibly WCs & Washrooms. New water, gas, electrical connections were installed for the building.

The building also has Photovoltaic Cells on the roof which helps to improve the building’s energy performance. As well as the PVs there are also solar units linked to the boilers that help to heat water for the heating system.

The project was completed on time within its 22 week programme as well as within budget.