Pave Aways provide a diverse range of construction projects ranging in value from £25,000 to £6 million.

Each refurbishment presents its own unique challenge. They generally occur in environments which remain active and live throughput the construction period – in environments such as schools, colleges and factories. In these environs we recognise the importance of causing as little disruption as possible. Meetings are held weekly with the Estates or General Manager, to discuss upcoming works. Days and times to carry out noisy or disruptive works are agreed, together with times when certain areas may be out of bounds. If the project calls for it, these meetings can be increased in frequency to daily, for certain phases of the contract. These are informal meetings, and further communication between both parties on site will happen on a nearly continuous basis.

As mentioned above, there will elements of works that will have to be carried out ‘out of hours’ to minimise disruption. These are clearly noted on our programmes. Another way in which disruption is minimised is the careful logistical arrangement of deliveries. In schools and colleges, the start and end of the day are generally extremely busy. All of our supply chain are made aware of delivery restrictions.

Approximately half of our projects are refurbishment projects, which accounts for 34% of our turnover.