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Construction Ready Joe

Joe joins the team at Shrewsbury School.

We’ve been working with the Marches Construction Ready Programme to support young people like Joe Cottrell, who are interested in a career in construction but have not had the opportunity to work on a site.

The aim of the project is to introduce around 400 skilled construction workers to the Marches area by training the long-term unemployed, students and people looking to make a career change into the construction industry.

Joe joined us last year for work experience, after which we employed him and he has recently rejoined the team at Ashton Theatre. He was mentored by one of our most experienced site workers Mark Lawrence and site manager Simon Gough.

He was able to experience many different aspects of construction including working alongside our groundworkers, bricklayers and carpenters. He says he’s learnt a lot about construction and gained confidence. Working with people with different skills has helped him to decide what type of work really interests him.

If you are interested in a career in construction and would like to join us for work experience or are interested in an apprenticeship with us, please contact michelle.benjamin@paveaways.co.uk.

Note: Photo was taken before Covid-19 restrictions