Pave Aways offer an extensive range of experience across a spectrum of construction projects.

Each summer we re-visit our Apprentice programme. We have a commitment to source at least 3 new apprentices or trainees each year. These come from our partners in local colleges and training companies, or from within our own workforce, with Labourers or others who wish to learn a trade.

Our apprentices are generally site based – such as carpenters or bricklayers – but we also have 4 that are office based. Throughout our company, we currently have 13 apprentices or trainees in a variety of roles at varying stages of the training. This equates to over 15% of our current workforce.

Each apprentice is placed with a tradesman, to enable them to learn the skills in a practical way. They will be on day release to a local college to enable them to gain an official qualification. Support and guidance is given throughout their apprenticeship to ensure that they gain experience in all areas required, for example ff a carpenter, they will be placed on specific jobs to achieve the tasks set out by the College – such as stairs, roof trusses or kitchen installations

Our apprentice intake for September 2021 is now full. We will be taking applications from June 2022 for our September 2022 vacancies.  Please email