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Quality Assurance

Following health and safety, quality is our next priority. Our mantra is ‘Would you have this in your own home?’ If the answer is no, the works need to be removed and redone.

Each project has a Quality Plan which is created as soon as the project is awarded. Each trade has a section, which contains all relevant information and ‘hold’ and ‘sign-off’ points. This ensures that as the work progresses it is carried out to standards that are expected, and that each trade can be signed off easily when completed.

Like health and safety, quality is the responsibility of all employees, and a ‘Don’t walk by’ attitude is expected.

High Standards

We compile a report of the current status of all trades. If any issues exist, a Non-Conformance will be issued, and the Sub Contractor will be expected to carry out remedials within a set time frame.

Prior to completion of a project, we will ensure that all final snags are picked up at this stage, and we try to achieve our aim of ‘zero defects’

Should any issues occur following handover, the Contracts Manager remains the contact for the project. This means that problems can be resolved quickly and directly, rather than through someone who is remote from the project.

Support After Handover

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond project completion. We offer seasonal commissioning support to our clients, ensuring that their facilities continue to operate at peak performance even after handover. We understand that proper maintenance and fine-tuning are essential for optimal functionality and efficiency. By providing ongoing support and assistance, we help our clients maintain the long-term value and quality of their investments.

Project Management

To uphold our commitment to excellence, we regularly evaluate the quality and performance of our subcontractors and suppliers. We believe that strong partnerships with reliable and skilled professionals are crucial to delivering exceptional outcomes. Through thorough assessment and feedback, we ensure that our subcontractors and suppliers share our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and professionalism.

Personal Development

At Pave Aways, we value the personal growth and development of our employees. We have re-branded our appraisal process as "Personal Development Plans" to emphasize our dedication to helping each team member reach their full potential and thrive within our organization. Through regular feedback, mentoring, and training opportunities, we support and empower our employees to continually enhance their skills, knowledge, and capabilities. We believe that investing in our team's development ultimately translates into exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.