Pave Aways offer an extensive range of experience across a spectrum of construction projects.

We have a strong and thriving supply chain, built up over our forty four years of trading.

Wherever possible, we use supply chain members that are local to the projects. Should a project be in an area where we have not worked before, we hold ‘Meet the Buyer’ events which are advertised in the local media and on social media.

We welcome new supply chain members, and have a Pre Qualification Questionnaire for members who wish to join. We also seek out references to ensure that prospective members have carried out projects to a high standard previously.

Following completion of a contract, or the supply of materials, each member is scored by each member of the Construction Team. These are collated and should there be issues, the member is informed. This feedback is an important part of the development of the supply chain members, as well as ourselves, as it means that we can learn from previous issues and ensure they don’t happen again.