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Coronavirus update

As England begins another period of lockdown we would like to take this opportunity to remind people of the protocols we are following to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and ensure the wellbeing of our team.

As a contractor working across England and Wales, we are particularly aware of our duty of care to not only our staff and sub contractors but also to our clients and the public.

The governments of both countries have clearly stated that construction can continue during the Welsh firebreak (due to end on November 9) and the English month-long lockdown, scheduled until December 2.

We adhere to the requirements of the respective countries and regularly review and update our Site Operating Procedure. These are specific to each site and follow the Construction Leadership Council guidance.

Measures include daily temperature checks, health declarations, enhanced hygiene procedures and revised work schedules and programme to ensure social distancing.

Where it is possible for our office based staff to work at home, they have been requested to do so.

Managing Director Steven Owen said: “Allowing construction to continue whilst countries implement measures to stop the spread of this disease will benefit the economy as we continue to navigate our way through, and hopefully out the other side, of this pandemic.

“But we recognise the importance of maintaining strict procedures to allow this to continue and now more than ever we must continue to work together for the good of the economy and everyone’s health.”

Our Site Operating Procedures (SOP’s) can be read here.