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Drive for sustainability shifts up a gear

We are motoring in our drive for sustainability with the addition of three electric vehicles to our fleet.

We have introduced two Maxus electric vans and an electric Tesla as a pool car to support our drive for changes in our day-to-day operations to help us build a better future for the environment.

The vans will be used by our on-site teams with the pool car available for our head office based staff.

Sustainability is one of Pave Aways’ five key values and the introduction of the electric vehicles is just one way we are working to reduce our carbon footprint.

Managing director Steven Owen explained: “We already encourage vehicle sharing and to avoid unnecessary journeys wherever possible but the nature of our work means we have to be on the road.

“We chose these vehicles as they have an excellent range which will allow staff to travel around our sites on a full charge. We’ll be testing the benefits of these new vehicles and, as the technology and infrastructure of the charging network improves, we aim to bring even more electric cars and vans to our fleet as vehicles need replacing.”