Pave Aways are continuing their excellent relationship with the Welsh Assembly Government, with the award of the new Warehouse and Production Facility at Offa’s Dyke Business Park in Welshpool.

Following the successful handover of the Zip Clip unit on the Business Park in 2016, we are now under contract to construct the new facility for Invertek Drives, which is due for completion Summer 2018.

The project will consist of a steel framed and metal composite clad building, which will enable the growth of Invertek in the coming years.

Elwyn Preece will be the Site Manager for the project, with Mike Read as the Design Manager. TACP (Architects) and Bradley Associates (Structural Engineers) will be novated over to us, to enable us to complete the design works prior to commencing on site.

The project has strict BREEAM requirements, as well as a community benefits plan. This means that providing benefits for the community – in terms of jobs or sponsorship is contractually required on this project.