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19th Project on Campus at Concord College underway

Works have commenced today on the extension and refurbishment to the dining room at Concord College. We have carried out two extensions on the dining room previously, however due to continued growth at the College, further space is required.

The location of this extension is only accessible by a narrow pathway, and is towards the rear of the dining room. This means that works will be carefully planned to minimise disruption and interaction with students. The dining room will also need to remain functioning for three meal times a day.

As well as the extension works, the most challenging elements of the project will be the stripping back and joining into the existing roof. It is of a mansard nature and is likely to be the most difficult part of the build process.

This is our 19th project on site at Concord, and once again is a negotiated project. Working in this way with the College ensures that the Client are able to convey exactly what they require as an output and can be accurately costed, providing them with cost certainty.

The contract is a JCT intermediate form of Contract, together with Contractors Design. The design team, as all Concord projects comprises Hughes and Abbot (Architects), R T Mills (Structural Engineer) and ES Consulting (Services Engineer).