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Pave Aways backs campaign to change workplace culture

Pave Aways is supporting a new initiative by Mental Health First Aid England to help break down barriers in the workplace.

We’ve adopted the ‘My Whole Self’ project that aims to create a healthier working culture by bring together diversity and inclusion with mental health and wellbeing.

My Whole Self is the MHFA England campaign for workplace culture change to ensure that people don’t have to leave parts of their cultural or ethnic background, gender identity, sexuality, disability or health behind when they work.

Our directors, managers and head office staff have been sharing their ‘My Whole Selfie’ with photos and four key facts about themselves to break down barriers.

Health and wellbeing officer Sabrina Davies said:  “My Whole Selfie is a great way to help colleagues feel connected and to give everyone the freedom to be who they want to be whilst they are at work.

“This in turn reduces stress, promotes acceptance and reduces stigma. It’s important that we have an open and inclusive workplace culture and this is just another way we can achieve that.”

My Whole Self is just the latest action in our strategy to enhance the wellbeing of our team, which has also included delivering mental health training to more than 82 per cent of staff to date.