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Our commitment to building a greener future

We have introduced new sustainability training as part of our ongoing strategy to build a greener future.

Staff will undergo the training as part of our commitment to enhancing our green credentials. The course aims to educate about the environmental need for change as well as inform employees about the practical steps they can take to reduce waste, be more energy efficient and improve environmental awareness.

Staff will also be undertaking audits to ensure our environmental policies are being adhered on sites.

Managing Director Steven Owen said the sustainability training course was just one positive action Pave Aways was taking towards a greener future.

He explained: “It is widely acknowledged that, as an industry, construction is a major contributor to landfill waste and pollution, contributing 38 per cent of total global energy-related CO2 emissions.

We are determined to do what we can to reduce our effect on the environment, not just in the way we build and on our sites, but in our day-to-day operation as well.

“Sustainability is one of our five key values and our new training course has been devised so our team understands the importance of sustainable behavior and how we are implementing that across our processes company-wide.”

Steven added: “As a business, we’re making practical changes such as bringing electric vehicles into fleet, reducing overall vehicle movements and using a waste compacting baler but collectively, we all have a responsibility to change our behaviour so we can build a greener future for our planet.”

In recent years, we have developed a growing specialism in net carbon construction for the public and private sector including building to Passivhaus standards.