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Lawley pupils tour exciting school development

Pupils at Lawley Village Academy Primary School, Telford recently embarked on an exciting tour, while donning their hard hats and hi-vis vests, they ventured into the heart of our construction site to learn about how their new classrooms are being built.

Led by Headteacher Claire Freestone, Site Manager Simon Gough, with Apprentice Site Manager Joe Harrison, the children explored the intricate details of their future learning space at Lawley Village Primary School.

The children, brimming with curiosity and excitement, delved into the inner workings of the development, immersing themselves in the floor plans and structural elements under the guidance of Simon. According to Headteacher Claire Freestone, the experience ignited the children’s imagination as they envisioned the layout of their future classrooms and break-out spaces.

“The children absolutely loved going into the development with their hard hats. Simon showed them the different elements of the structure and the floor plans and the children were able to visualise where the classrooms would be and where the break out spaces would be. They were interested in the different trades that have been in so far and how each person has played a part in the build. Whilst in the development, they loved experimenting with the acoustics. They could identify how it was different to their own class and started to talk about how sound travels. The children were so interested in it and can’t wait to go back. They will have to wait their turn though as the rest of the school are desperate to have a look too.”  – Claire Freestone, Headteacher

Site Manager Simon and his dedicated team eagerly anticipate welcoming more groups of pupils to experience the magic of witnessing their new learning environment come to life. “We are all about involving young learners in the journey of creating their own learning spaces, creating an opportunity for students to connect with their future educational space” expressed Simon.

The keen engagement of Lawley Village Academy Primary School’s pupils exemplifies the power of hands-on learning experiences in shaping young minds. As anticipation builds among the students for their next adventure on the construction site, we will continue to give updates as the project progresses.