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Considerate Constructors award for School project

After achieving an outstanding 45/45 score on-site at Packwood Haugh School, we have been awarded a BRONZE Award in the CCS National Site Awards 2024!

We were scored on how we respect the community, care for the environment and value our workforce, which forms the scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a non-profit-making, independent organisation set up in 1997 to improve the construction industry’s image.

The comprehensive project at Packwood Haugh School has revolutionised the science facilities at the school in Ruyton-XI-Towns.  The project began with the meticulous demolition of the existing single-story science labs, paving the way for the construction of cutting-edge facilities in the same location. Simultaneously, internal alterations and refurbishments were carried out for the adjacent existing science lab and prep room.

Construction Director Jamie Evans said: “Tom and his team deserve all the credit for the way they delivered this project and their conduct themselves on site, while making sure the the day-to-day operation of the school continued with minimal impact.

“The Considerate Constructors Scheme recognises achievements that follow the considerate construction ethos and this award shows that we are maintaining the high standard of construction excellence that we always aim to achieve at Pave Aways.”