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Mental Health Awareness Week

At Pave Aways, we’re committed to building a supportive and healthy community for our employees. Our efforts to promote mental well-being have been highlighted during Mental Health Awareness Week, held from May 13-17.

The week kicked off with the highly anticipated annual 5-a-side football tournament. Teams from various departments came together to compete for the winners trophy, and the blue team emerged victorious! One of the standout moments of the tournament was the presentation of the Dave Garratt award, which went to Jon Goss for his exceptional dedication and team spirit. 

On Thursday, we were honored to host the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity team as part of their #MakeItVisible campaign. The charity’s representatives, Jack and Lee, delivered a compelling and insightful presentation on the support services they offer to construction workers, and the importance of talking with each other.

They focused significantly on breaking down the stigma associated with mental health, especially as construction is a male-dominated field. Jack and Lee’s presentation emphasized the importance of mental health awareness and encouraged open conversations about mental well-being. They shared resources and strategies for seeking help, underscoring that mental health issues are common and treatable, and that support is always available.