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Building the foundations for great community projects

Thanks to Barry and Craig’s hard work in some challenging weather conditions back in February, Percy Thrower’s greenhouse has now been relocated to it’s new home at Shrewsbury Men’s Shed!

A big thank you to Jewsons Shrewsbury for generously supplying the materials needed for the project too, we are always grateful when our supply chain partners help deliver sustainable value to great community projects like this.

The greenhouse, which once belonged to the esteemed TV gardener Percy Thrower in the 1960s, was donated to Shrewsbury Men’s Shed by the town council after falling into disrepair. It will now be used to facilitate Living Beyond Cancer horticulture courses, funded by the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

Simon Rouse, Chairman of the Shrewsbury Mens Shed, said “Barry and Craig did a magnificent job on the Greenhouse wall. We’re delighted with the result and our team can now finish off the move. Your help and hard work is appreciated and will help in improving lives for decades to come.”

The Shrewsbury Men’s Shed club is keen on promoting and maintaining the wellbeing its volunteers – in which many are ex-construction workers. We are proud that we could be involved in such a scheme, providing lasting value for local community groups that work in promoting our shared values.

The glass is currently being installed, ahead of it’s formal opening by Margret Thrower. We’re happy to help make great initiatives like this happen, and provide lasting value to the communities around our projects.